Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Arduino 5MSPS Oscilloscope revisited.

I have been testing various fast analog to digital converters with the Arduino.  There are two  objectives. I want to see if I can improve the old CA3306 version by getting rid of the glitches.  I want to add a FIFO that can push past 10MSPS as that was the fastest rate achieved previously.

The first picture is of a rebuilt version of the CA3306 circuit.

Next I tried a TLC5510.  The results were a bit noisy as seen in the next picture.

A picture of the TLC5510 screen.  The noise might not be the fault of the A to D converter.  The noise was cured by synchronizing the clocks.

TDA8703 Analog to Digital converter being tested.  At first it did not work until I increased the power from 4.2 volts (from USB) to 5 volts via an AC adapter.

I found a way to synchronize the clocks and thus reduce the amount of glitches!  Here is the video.

Here is a Youtube video showing the TLC5510 running without the clock glitches.

Here is a video showing a completed Arduino Oscilloscope with working selection switches.
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