Thursday, January 22, 2009

Frozen Pipes

I returned from Florida to find out that the heat was off and that the pipes were frozen and had burst. Some of the valves and fittings were burst as well.

So I moved the sink out of the way and cut a hole in the floor to find the breaks in the pipes. Three of the pipes were broken as well as some fittings.

I removed all of the copper pipes, then started in the basement and ran all new 1/2 inch CPVC pipes. OOPS! I had to open it all back up and put in a new drain to the sink..

Then we replaced the drain to the tub as well. this required cutting a slot into the wall. You can see the water damage in the discolored wall paper.

The new drain pipe runs all the way down to the basement. We covered it with new 3/8 inch sheet rock so it all looks great now.

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