Friday, June 7, 2013

Arduino LCD Projects book

Update: "Arduino LCD Projects" is now on Amazon, eBay and CreateSpace.  Here is a cover shot:

My Arduino LCD Projects book is almost ready to publish!

Here is a YouTube video of one of the projects,

Here is the Table of Contents so far:


1. Introduction to LCD’s

2. Installing the Arduino Drivers

3. Single Line LCD 16 by 1
            Temperature Display

4. Two Line LCD 16 by 2
            Indoor/Outdoor temperature display
            Simulated analog meter
            Bar graph meter

5. Two Line LCD 40 by 2
            Six analog inputs
            Stereo bar graph meter

6. Four Line LCD 20 by 4
            Four temperature display
            Dual simulated analog meter

7. Low Resolution Graphics LCD 48 by 84
            Text display test program
            Six analog inputs displayed
            Simple Arduino oscilloscope
            Analog meter simulation

8. Medium Resolution Graphics LCD 128 by 64
            Analog meter simulation
            Six channel Logic Analyzer
           Better Arduino oscilloscope

9. High Resolution Graphics LCD 320 by 240
            Analog meter simulation
           Six channel logic analyzer
           External AtoD Oscilloscope
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