Friday, April 3, 2009

Dodge Caravan/Voyager Strut tower repair

I know that I do not blog much about car problems. There was a day when I fixed most of my own car problems. However this repair was a bit over my head. My drivers side strut mount had rotted out as you can see in the picture below. If it is not fixed the strut can come up through and the car will then fall down and be totally disabled.

This problem would send most cars to the junk yard. But I thought I would research the problem first. It turns out that most places will charge you around $1000 and they will weld in a replacement strut mount from another car.

Well it turns out that if you will go to the car dealer, they have what is essentially an upgrade to the strut mount. I got it done on my van for $450 and taxes. There is a place in Ohio that says they will do it for $300. However I did not think my car could be driven that far.

This is what the repair looks like. They did both sides. As I understand it, the repair piece is also glued in place besides the several bolts that you can see.
Here is a link to the guy who fixes them in Ohio for $300. He uses rivets instead of bolts and that should be a better fix IMO.
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