Friday, April 10, 2009

VE175 LCD monitor repair

I sold something on eBay and had some money to spare. I also needed a LCD monitor for a friend so I placed a minimum bid on some LCD screens that needed repair. To my surprise I won several auctions! So hopefully I will be posting repair tips for several of these monitors over the next few days.

Up first is a Viewsonic VE175. The picture comes on for a second and then goes out. I opened up the monitor expecting that the power supply had bad caps in it but that was not the case. The bad caps were on the control board. There are 5 of them that needed to be replaced. They are the bigger ones that are bulging at the top. One of them even has stuff oozing out of it. Most of them can be replaced with 1000 uF 16 volt capacitors, you will need some 470 uF 25 volt caps too. You can almost always use a slightly larger value or higher voltage capacitor.

If you have never replaced motherboard or power supply capacitors before you will need to know some tricks. First you need to add fresh solder to get the heat to travel through the board to remove the old capacitor. Second use a tiny screwdriver to clean out the holes for the new capacitor.
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