Monday, June 23, 2014

One Crazy Virus claimed to be from the "Metropolitan British Police"

Someone showed me a computer this weekend with a virus that I could not even beat in safe mode.  All I could do was to re-install Windows.  The best I could do was to get the task bar to pop up for a split second.  In safe mode the computer just restarts into regular mode and went back to this screen.
 I had to use a camera to take a picture of it.

Another problem is that Malwayre-Bytes anti Malware (MBAM) no longer offers a thorough search and even once I re-installed windows it did not detect the virus as it was in "Old Windows".  Then there is Microsoft security essentials that will not do a scan unless you are connected to the Internet to do an update.....

Monday, June 16, 2014

2014 Chafee NY Hamfest

The Chaffee NY Hamfest was a little bigger than last year.  It is still one of the smallest ones that I go to.  Here are some pictures that I took.

Here is my table.  It was so cold that I never used that chair.  Note the bin of 5 inch RF cavities.  I was selling it for a friend but did not get any offers.

Note that their were vendors on both sides of the "road".

There was some spare room under th roofs but it was not raining.