Friday, May 31, 2024

Repair of Suzuki GP-3 Digital Piano

My brother dropped off a Suzuki GP-3 electric digital piano for repairs. Many of the keys were stuck in the down position.  So I googled how to fix it and here is what I found:

Here is a video telling how to take it apart:

Then I found this coment on how to fix it at:

"I used the orange fibreglass driveway marker from Home Depot. It’s the perfect size. With a rubber mallet I used it to punch out the old rods and replace them at the same time."

The first step was to remove the keys from the piano.

Then I tried to remove some of the individual keys. BTW you do not need to number the keys they are already numbered in the indentation area.  

Eventually I decided to remove every other octave, then remove all of the rods, then carefully push an orange driveway marker through all of the octaves.  I left the angled tip on the rod, and still had to lift some keys slightly to get the rod to go through them.  The commentator above said that he drove the marker through pushing the rods out as he went, but my keyboard was so far gone that that was not a possibility.  I had to use some pliers to twist and pull out the rods, one at a time, as they were really stuck in place.

When I put it back together there were way too many screws left over.  So I took it back apart and put in a lot of missing screws.  Even so I still had about 16 screws left over!!