Thursday, October 26, 2017

Better to sell using Auctions instead of fixed price on eBay!

A while back eBay offered me a deal on fixed price 30 day listings, they were free.  I always look at the "buy it now" prices because I do not want to wait for an auction.  On top of that auction listings are 30 cents each so it made sense to switch, right?  Wrong!  My sales tanked.  So I have gone back to auctions.  First here is a picture of my 30 day listings after 15 or more days with typically 10-20 views over that time.

Now compare that to some auctions that are only 1 day old with 60-150 views per 24 hours!
So forget about the 30 day fixed price listings they are free but a total waste of time!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

More problems and another solution to the Head Gasket Problem with Bar's Leaks Professional.

UPDATE - 3 months later and still no problems.  There has been little if any loss of Antifreeze nor any overheating of the motor.
UPDATE - 1 year later, I have added about one quart of antifreeze over the past year.  However the car is running on the hot side around 207 degrees.  There is no sign of foam in the oil or the antifreeze.  I started adding antifreeze every few weeks.
UPDATE - After 14 months it is going through a quart of antifreeze every two weeks.  There is some foam on the antifreeze filling cap.  I added the other 1/2 of the can of the gasket repair solution.

UPDATE - FOUR YEARS LATER it is still running, it takes about a quart of antifreeze a year.

My HHR overheated again only two months after the last time that I tried to fix it.  The radiator was down about two quarts of fluid.  This time I decided to spend some more money and get something that stays in the radiator.  It is called "Bar's Leaks Professional HEAD SEAL Blown Head Gasket Repair" and runs about $45.  Just add 1/2 the container to the antifreeze - for a 4 cylinder engine.

Bar's Head Gasket Repair

Its only been a few days but so far so good.  I might have to change the oil once again. It looks a little brown.  There was no foam on the oil fill cap this time.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

What my Lab/Office looks like

I thought I would update what my office looks like.  Maybe I am bored or lacking in posts this year so I thought I would post something.  My F-550 is hanging from the ceiling with only its legs visible.  I am now using a rolling desk for my 3D printer 24 inch monitor and tools.  There is another book shelf to the right but it has not changed any.  My CNC found itself hidden in the closet....
I have a "New to me" notebook computer.  Its a EliteBook 8560W.  It was $5 at a Hamfest because of a bad screen.  The necessary repairs are elsewhere on my blog.