Friday, February 6, 2009

Africa March 2009

We are back in Accra Africa. We already received a testimony from the equipment that we brought over with us;

"Please Dad [Fred] tell uncle Robert that last Sunday we where on the campus for projection and 115 students gave their lives to Christ, Priase the Lord!"

This shows the van packed full. We had three suitcases and a carry on suitcase for each of the three of us. So there are a total of 12 suitcases for the three of us all stuffed into the van. Why is the background all white?

On this trip we brought;
9 Video Bible Schools
6 DVD players
6 Laptops
3 Printers
3 Projectors
1 Desktop Computer
1 Photocopier
1 Music Keyboard
1 Video Camera

On our first day we purchased a 17 inch computer monitor for $35 and a 25 inch Sony TV for $100. Both were purchased used at pawn shops.

This is Aldous with his new desktop computer. We dropped him off in Tamale to start a new Video Bible school there. He has everything he needs to make the teaching materials except for a stapler. Oops.
Young Albert with the computer we gave him.

Fred meeting with pastors in Accra.
Sunday we headed off on a trip to Tamale. We had to fix several problems with the van. Here is the list of needed repairs;

Growling sound from rear end? Not fixed yet.
Shows no oil pressure - was working, started working again.
Right headlight out - Type 9004 but no 9004 types fit it!!
Drivers side mirror - taped together.
Rear seat adjuster - taped together.

We spent about 2 hours trying to find a headlight that fits. Every 9004 light we tried did not fit the van. So it must be a special 9004 for a 92 Ford Econoline van.
We made it back to Accra with most of the driving done during the day because of the bad headlight problem. We did get one warning for speeding but it is hard to tell if you are in town or out of a town as there is sometimes little difference. LOL.

Fred speaking at the new Bible School in Tamale. We had 16 students interested in attending the Video Bible School. Aldous and Fred spoke and we saw a sample video from the school.

The students at the Tamale VBS watching a ISOM video on the TV

The sound guy at Cotonou Benin, with one of the donated laptops being used to record the message. They had been hauling around and using a desktop computer.

Do you remember VW bug stuffing? They used to see how many people you could fit in a VW Bug. We took that a step further. How many people can you fit in a bug and still drive on African roads? We could not make it over a cement bump at the top of one hill until Fred got out.

Marie-Louise found this little kitten at one place where Fred was teaching. It is so young that its eyes were not even open yet.

Well that's it for my part in this trip to Africa. Now I am working on stuff to send back over to them.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Government Stimulus

I thought I would give my opinion on the so called 'Government Stimulus'.

Since when does taking money from the poor to feed the rich solve all of the problems with the economy?

Since wanton government and financial company waste got us into a really big mess, why would encouraging more of the same solve the problem?

Since 'we the people' are getting out of debt, why would more government debt solve the problem.

So we should borrow money from our children, likely even our grandchildren, to give to our financial institutions so they can waste it?

After being unemployed for 6 months, I recently cashed in an IRA from 2001. I had deposited $5000, and a year ago it was up to $9800. When it dropped down to $8000 I told them to put it into something that will not loose any more money. When it reached $4400 I cashed it in. I not only lost all of the interest I lost some of the principal.

The US government will eventually collapse unless they stop all of this nonsense!

What is the solution? Reduce taxes! Instead of complicated methods of 'redistributing the wealth', just cut taxes on the poor.