Monday, June 28, 2010

Dodge Caravan Strut tower repair update

I just thought I would do a quick update on a previous repair solution.  The strut tower repair kits are available on eBay for $30!  Just do a search for: Dodge Caravan Strut Tower Cap Repair. 

Monday, June 21, 2010

How to boost your page ranking.

Boosting your page ranking can be really simple.  First install the Alexa toolbar under IE, Firefox and Chrome.  Then search for your web site and visit a lot of its pages.  Do the same on your home computer and your laptop.  It will not get you to the top 100 sites but it should get your site rated above 1,000,000 without a lot of work.  Alexa only rates sites based on what web sites are visited by people who have their toolbar installed.  I suspect that it is only a few million people.  So if you have three computers with three methods of accessing the Internet that looks like 9 'people' are searching for your web site!

This is a listing of sites to check daily then look up your web site to boost your ratings.  You can then bookmark them to make the process run faster.  This will make it look like lots of people are looking for information about your web site.

Another tip is to check google webmaster tools then search for keywords and make sure that the keywords are in your meta tags.  The words also need to be found on your web site so it does not look like you are just trying to spam google keywords.

Another tip that I have read about but I have not actually tried is to have three sites and link from one to another to the third site in a circle.  If you link to a site and straight back it looks like link spam, but if you link in a circle supposedly it looks like real web site links to google.  Like I said I have read about this but I have not tried it yet. 

Join a few blogs and put links in your account back to your web site.  Be careful not to post negative stuff, but post positive reinforcing things that will make people want to click on you to find out more about you and eventually more about your company.

Finally go to Google local, Yahoo Local, and Bing Local and claim your piece or real estate.  After you create an account they mail you a post card with the confirmation information so you can establish your presence at your actual physical address.  Then whenever someone looks for business in say Olean NY, they will find you there!

So that's it in a nutshell.  In summary;
1. Search for your web site.
2. Analyze your web site.
3. Blog about your company.
4. Link to your web site.
5. Locate your company on the map.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Attempting to get off Synthroid

After taking supplements for over a year, I was still struggling with the problem that synthroid was not working anymore.  First I added 'Thyroid activator' then 'iodoral' but it still was not cutting it.  Then I had a conversation with another former synthroid taker (I meet a lot of them - most just quit taking it).  She commented that she ached all over while on synthroid.  I suddenly realized that was exactly my problem so I needed to make another effort to get off the synthroid.

This time I turned to eBay.  Believe it or not there is raw thyroid (equivalent to armor thyroid) available on eBay at 50 mg and 200 mg doses depending on the company.  The 50 mg variety has 300 mg of Kelp and sells for around $16.  What a deal, we will see how it works....

FOLLOW UP - I am still taking synthroid.  I can't stop taking it without turning blue and shutting down....

Another Fake Anti-Virus

Here we go again - another fake anti-virus.  This one even opens up porno.something just to make matters worse.  This one has a weakness.  As soon as Windows starts hit the three finger salute - alt, control, delete, and bring up task manager.  Shut down all the trash and then install MalwareBytes Anti-Malware from a USB drive.  Run it and remove some junk.  Then update it and run it again and remove more junk.  Then Install BitDefender Free and update it.  It found about another 9 items including a rootkit.  Now the computer might be safe to use?????

You might get a warning message saying that everything that you try to run is infected, don't worry, let it run, it is just the virus trying to prevent you from running anything that might remove the virus!

Monday, June 7, 2010

2010 Rochester NY HamFest

The Rochester NY 2010 HamFest went by too fast.  It started with a rainy morning but when I got there everything was happening.  I googled the address and went to the wrong place.  It was a doctors office and someone there googled the correct address.  This is what my van looked like this year.

Among my findings this year were some huge 15uF 5000 volt capacitors and some big coils for $5 each.  Then there was a CD Duplicator for $30 and some CD R/W drives for $5. each
The food was great again this year, hamburgs and hot dogs for just $2 each with very short lines if any at all.
There were lots of vendors, perhaps not as many as last year because the day started with rain?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Pie

I have been into making pies for several years now.  Making pies came from one of my spiritual dads, Chester Gretz.  When I went to make this pie my wonderful wife suggested that I make it red white and blue for memorial day, so I did. 

Cordless Drill battery rebuilt again

Once again I have become totally frustrated with my cordless drill. The batteries do not last very long and do not have enough power.  So this time I bought 4 of these 1800ma 4.8 volt battery packs and connected them together to make a much more powerful battery pack.

Now in order to get 18 volts I had to remove one of the batteries from one of the battery packs.  This new battery pack is about 1/4 the weight of the old battery pack.  The last time I did this I used individual AA rechargable batteries and when a 1 inch paddle bit got stuck in a wall the wires in the battery pack melted.  So this time I used much bigger wires to connect up the batteries hoping it will hold up better.

This is what it looks like untill I put the top cover back on.  Note the temperature sensor sticking out the left side, that needs to be taped or glued onto one of the batteries.

New Construction

A couple of weeks ago I was privledged to participate in an unusual construction project.  I am not even sure what this type of construction is called, but the completed home will be able to withstand 100 MPH winds and 10 feet of snow, at least!  Note how all the beams have tongues that fit inside of grooves and then 8 sided wooden pegs are driven into them to lock them together.
Once the frames are together they are stood upright by a lot of guys lifting them.  Then beams are put in that lock the frames together.  This has got to be the most durable construction design.  I know it has been used to build large barns, but this is the first time I have seen it used in a house.

I have researched it and it is called 'post and beam', 'timber frame' or 'mortise and tenon' construction.