Thursday, May 22, 2008

Recycling old TV's

I just read on CNN about a program that is being set up to recycle old refrigerators. They need to do the same thing for old TV's. This fall and into next year everyone will be switching to digital TV's. What do you do with all of the millions of old analog TV's? The government needs to set up a TV recycling program. The old analog TV's will probably work on cable where a cable box does the conversion as well as in other countries that still use the old NTSC standard. If enough people complain maybe they will see the need and set something up to prevent millions of working TV's from going to the junk yard.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Most everybody has heard of the Florida revival going on and available for viewing at Up here in New York we just finished the biggest Leadership conference ever with about 1,000 pastors, leaders, and missionaries in attendance. Jack Hayford was the guest speaker. I will be uploading pictures and video soon at I thought I would share some thoughts on what is happening.

I have been a Christian for over 40 years, I know I do not look that old but... I remember back in the 70's listening to CBN radio out of Ithica NY. Sometimes the Scott Ross show would have Phil Keaggy, Peter York, and Ted Sanquist in 'concert' at Love in, now called Greater Love Ministries. I made several recordings of the show on my Reel to Reel recorder. Years later I converted them to Cassette and I still have 2 tapes of the show. Those recordings sound a lot like what is happening today.

Back in the 70's there were two cultural roadblocks. God could never use someone with long hair and ragged jeans with holes in them were definitely of the devil. I remember how repugnant those hippies looked. Why did they not know that you have to look your best to go to church? But God did use them though matter how much we were repulsed by their appearance. Now I see people with tattoos and piercings. Don't they know that those piercings open them up to a high risk of infections? Once again we need to realize that these things are only cultural and do not affect their salvation or the message that God is speaking through them.

God will also use people in this revival that have criminal records or even a history that includes divorce. Remember Joseph had a criminal record.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Strange Dream

I have a lot of strange dreams. One that I wrote down in 1997 predicted 9/11 with incredible accuracy. I have a habit of writing them down, and usually I know what they mean. I have learned that you cannot let them change what you do, but you can look back after things happen and say that God was in it. So anyway I had this dream and do not know what exactly it means.

04/17/08 - Corn on fire
I dreamed that someone was hosing down some corn. They showed me how some of the corn had caught on fire. Just the tops of the corn plants had been burnt. So I joined them in hosing down the corn. Then the little pump station was burned up. We resorted to using buckets and cups to stop the fires. I was going to take the elevator or stairs to another floor of the building. Then I saw a table full of people and explained the problem to them.

You could not easily see the fire, it was almost invisible.
It was spontaneous combustion, the fires started on their own.
It was happening inside of a building, like maybe a hospital.