Thursday, August 28, 2008

The wheelchair lift project update

I thought it was about time to post an update on the wheelchair lift project. I built a frame of 2 by 8's around it. They keep it from rotating slightly when it is all the way to the top. I then added some 2 by 4's to fasten the sheet rock to.

Next I added steel doors at each entrance. I will be adding door switches so that the lift will not move if any of the doors are open. Those switches are needed soon so people will not be looking up when I drop something like a hammer. The back door on the lift still has not been installed so it is sitting there to the right. The downstairs door was open in the picture so you can see the coffee house in the background. I will have to chop that stair off on the left so that the door will open up all the way.

And this is what it looks like when all of the doors are shut. I still need to install the light switch and the lift controller to the left of the doorway.

New DVD duplication equipment

This year to speed up the production of the Video Bible School DVD's I bought a high speed duplicator. I have built these and used them for years, now I own one of my own. It makes 5 copies of a DVD or CD in just a few minutes.

My brother took this picture for his newsletter of me with the duplicator and the printer in the background. I do not like the picture. For some reason I look fat in the picture, how could that have happened? It must be an optical illusion or something. ;-)

Friday, August 8, 2008

External combustion car in the news

Today at there is a story about what they call an 'air car' that gets 106 miles per gallon.

Here is a link;

Here is a quote from the article; "Above 35 mph, there is an external combustion system which is basically a heater that uses a little bit of gasoline or biofuel or ethanol or vegetable oil that will heat the air."

Internal combustion engines are about 20% efficient, external combustion engines are about 90% efficient. The problem with external combustion engines is that they only have one speed, full speed. Some solutions to this problem have been recently invented. One is the continuously variable transmission. Another is to have it power a generator to charge batteries and then use an electric motor. The problem with that is that generators, batteries, and electric motors are not highly efficient.

External combustion engines were highlighted on my web site many years ago under 'Sterling engines'. Another use would be to have hot springs or even volcano's power electric generators. Thus you could make essentially free sources of electricity. The most common example of an external combustion engine is a steam locomotive, remember them?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kingdom Bound 2008 to see the Newsboys

Once again this year I was at Kingdom Bound. We saw 33 miles, Delirious?, and of course the Newsboys. I used my cell phone camera to take the pictures so you can hardly tell what these pictures are of. The first picture is of the stage. The white screens on each side have a big picture of what is happening so you can actually see it.
The second picture is also from the Newsboys. They did an encore performance where their drummer goes up in the air, then is spun in circles, then he tilts to almost vertical, all while he is playing. Then the leader goes to another stage in the middle of the audience and plays a drum set while he is lifted up over 8 feet in the air.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Sept. 2008 Missions trip to West Africa

From September 6 to October 13 I will be in Africa. I will be traveling with my brother Fred Davis and I will be taking someone else's place who is too sick to go. We will start in Benin Africa and in 5 weeks we will be in about 5 different countries. This missions trip will cost me about $4,000! We will be teaching at Bible schools, preaching at churches, praying for people, and prophesying over people. I might fix a few things in my spare time. I really need to concentrate on getting my sermon notes more organized.

Just a few years ago I looked forward to retireing so that I could travel the world and help pastors and missionaries. Now I am able to do that but it is about 10 years earlier than I thought it would be.

Another Strange Dream

God keeps giving me these dreams. I know they have something to do with revival and something to do with Gods Judgement. We are seeing both happening in the world around us. Did you know that in 1909 at the Azusa street revival someone prophesied that there would be an even greater revival in 100 years?

Strange dream July 22, 2008
There was a huge dam in this dream. It had what looked like 3 sections to it. Many thousands of people had built their houses along both sides of and even actually on the dam. There were several hotels built on the 3 faces of the dam. When asked why did you build there, they would say that the dam was 100 years old and "Would never fail".

However from above I could see the muddy water lashing at the dam with great ferocity. I know the dam was going to fail at any second. I had to visit the people there to try to warn them.

It reminds me of the sermon "Sinners in the hand of an angry God." As I pondered the dream I felt God say "Will you go now, will you preach the Gospel?".