Friday, August 28, 2015

DIY Arduino Uno powered 5 MSPS Oscilloscope.

I have been wrining a book of "Arduino Oscilloscope Projects".  In this book I show 4 different LCD's, 5 different Analog to digital converters, and 3 different analog front ends.  The code has greatly improved with a "gain" in software feature.  I have written the code for a 1.8 SPI TFT screen as well as for a 2.4 inch or 2.8 inch ILI9341 Screen.

Here is what the 1.8 inch screen looks like.  On the bigger screens the sample time in MS is located under the other text fields on the right side.

Here is what the assembled oscilloscope looks like so far.

This is a picture of the main board without the LCD screen.

This is the front cover.  I need to wire the cover to the main board next.

Here is the finished project.

Here is a video of the project.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Chestnut Ridge Park - The Eternal Flame

A few days ago we walked to the Eternal Flame at Chestnut Ridge Park.  Here are some pictures.
This is a chipmunk that watches us on our walk.

When you get down to the creek bed this is what it looks like.  You need to climb over some logs.

This is looking back up the side of the creek bed. 

 There are lots of warning signs....

Finally we made it to the eternal flame.