Monday, August 19, 2019

2019 Keuka Lake Hamfest

I do not make it to the Kueka Lake Hamfest every year.  This year was an exception as I need to get rid of lots of stuff!  My shed has been overflowing with stuff!  This morning I discovered that a shelf in my shed had fallen down.  Fortunately there was enough junk under it to keep it from falling very far!  Anyway here are some pictures from the Hamfest.

This is my stuff.  Fortunately someone bought all my tuning cavities.  I was only getting $1 each at scrap metal.  I sold them all for $20 so I did not make any more money than if I had taken them to scrap metal!
 Here are some other vendors tables.

 I really like antique radios because I worked with them back in the day.

Monday, August 5, 2019

NanoVNA Vector Network Analyzer 50KHz-900MHz Review

This is my NanoVNA Vector Network Analyzer 50KHz-900MHz with 2.8" LCD Screen Review.  To start with I am used to using a big expensive Agilent RF VNA.  I thought a pocket sized model would be great for hamfests and stuff like that. So I bought one on eBay.

I was very disappointed.  After an hour of trying to set it up to 150 MHz spanning 10 MHz I gave up! The selection switch makes it unusable. Maybe mine was just defective?

This is what the screen looks like when turned on and off..

This is what the guts look like with the back cover and the battery removed.  Note the pads for a SD memory adapter. Some way to save settings would have been nice.
What I do not like about this device is this switch.  It has so frustrated me that I am almost ready to get rid of it.  Should I buy a better switch or just sell the device?  It hangs in one direction and the pressure to move it side to side often results in a key selected response.  Sometime I just gave up and powered off and back on to try setting it up again.  This switch is a disaster!
This is what it looks like with the top cover removed and the LCD screen moved out of the way.