Thursday, March 27, 2008

Viewsonic VA800 and VG175 repairs revisited.

My web site has had how to repair these Viewsonic monitors when they have garbage on the screen. You replace C19 with a 1 uf to 4.7 uf at 16 volts capacitor. Now I want to add that if it has a reddish picture with green streaks to the right of the text, you can replace C67. Again use a 1 uf to 4.7 uf at 16 volts capacitor. The capacitors should be available at Radio Shack. I have also encountered one monitor that would not turn on for 5 to 10 minutes. I replaced the capacitor that is just to the right of the C67 labeled IC to fix it. I think it was 22 uf at 16 volts but it might have been 47 uf. I have only encountered that problem once.


Brett said...

Thanks! Worked great. I used surface mount capacitors, just for a challenge :-)

AySz88 said...

Despite the four-plus-year gap, still spot-on info! Thank you! FYI, the repair manual has gotten posted online now (Google for "viewsonic_va800-vlcds21833-1r-.pdf").

From the manual: C19 and C67 are originally 1uF 50V (I tried replacing C19 with a capacitor that measured 0.95uF and it worked). I believe the last capacitor you mention is C170, originally 22uF 16V in the spec.

Here's some symptom keywords for Google since I had difficulty finding this post: stripes on display, video signal corrupted with noise, static-y lines, even on default no signal error screen, broken display, broken driver bad video signal decoder, processor decoding buggy, signal from board buggy, cable seems bad.