Thursday, May 8, 2008

Strange Dream

I have a lot of strange dreams. One that I wrote down in 1997 predicted 9/11 with incredible accuracy. I have a habit of writing them down, and usually I know what they mean. I have learned that you cannot let them change what you do, but you can look back after things happen and say that God was in it. So anyway I had this dream and do not know what exactly it means.

04/17/08 - Corn on fire
I dreamed that someone was hosing down some corn. They showed me how some of the corn had caught on fire. Just the tops of the corn plants had been burnt. So I joined them in hosing down the corn. Then the little pump station was burned up. We resorted to using buckets and cups to stop the fires. I was going to take the elevator or stairs to another floor of the building. Then I saw a table full of people and explained the problem to them.

You could not easily see the fire, it was almost invisible.
It was spontaneous combustion, the fires started on their own.
It was happening inside of a building, like maybe a hospital.

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