Monday, February 2, 2009

Government Stimulus

I thought I would give my opinion on the so called 'Government Stimulus'.

Since when does taking money from the poor to feed the rich solve all of the problems with the economy?

Since wanton government and financial company waste got us into a really big mess, why would encouraging more of the same solve the problem?

Since 'we the people' are getting out of debt, why would more government debt solve the problem.

So we should borrow money from our children, likely even our grandchildren, to give to our financial institutions so they can waste it?

After being unemployed for 6 months, I recently cashed in an IRA from 2001. I had deposited $5000, and a year ago it was up to $9800. When it dropped down to $8000 I told them to put it into something that will not loose any more money. When it reached $4400 I cashed it in. I not only lost all of the interest I lost some of the principal.

The US government will eventually collapse unless they stop all of this nonsense!

What is the solution? Reduce taxes! Instead of complicated methods of 'redistributing the wealth', just cut taxes on the poor.

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