Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Some more strange dreams.

The good news is that this is just some more of my strange dreams. In fact I have three dreams to blog about at this time.

In one dream I climbed up to an area where some friends were sleeping. Then I noticed that one of the friends had lots of bruises. So I asked him if the bruises were from the first or from the second major natural disaster. Yipes? The area was devastated by something like a hurricane or an earthquake. It resembled New Orleans after the hurricane, except that I think it was New York City.

The second dream was that a train was rolling to a stop. When it stopped I was told that one of the train cars was for me, when I looked in the car it was full of gold! I scraped off the corner of one of the gold bricks with a knife and it was really solid gold. Then Fred and I started discussing how we could send all of this gold back to the United States.

My thoughts on the second dream is, how can we send the revival we have seen in Africa (and India, and the Philippines) back to the US? That is something to think about. What are the keys to those revivals? How can we bring it back here with us?

The third dream may be an extension of an old one about watering corn that was posted a while back. It might also be an extension of the second dream above. In the beginning of the dream I was watering some plants with an ordinary garden hose. It seemed fruitless as it was never enough water this went on for days. Then I came back one day to find out that someone had connected up a three inch fire hose! Is the answer on how to bring the revival home from Africa to use a bigger hose? I have felt God saying that 'I am going to give you a bigger hose!' What that means or how He will do that I do not yet know. Stay tuned for further developments.

Do you remember the Godzilla Taco Bell commercial? The little dog had a cardboard box that was held up on one end by a stick. He was saying 'Here lizard, here lizard'. Then Godzilla roared a loud roar. The little dog looked a little puzzled, then he says 'I need a bigger box.' I LOVED that commercial. Talk about the power of positive thinking. I just need a bigger hose!

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