Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kingdom Bound 2009

Kingdom Bound 2009 is over. I went Monday evening to see Matthew West and then Casting Crowns. When I got there at 6 PM the parking lot was already full. The only parking spots available were on the lawn. Someone announced that they had sold out for the first time at Kingdom Bound! Sorry I did not take any pictures on Monday. Both Matt and Casting Crowns were really great!

Wednesday I went back again to see Natalie Grant and then Newsboys. One parking lot area was almost empty when I arrived at 6PM. We were able to get seats fairly close to the front as there were lots of empty seats at 6PM. Here is a picture of Natalie Grant. She was very good.

When the Newsboys took the stage the audience was on their feet and very excited. They did a combination of Newsboys and DC talk songs. They had a second stage set up out in the audience just a few feet from where I was sitting.

The lighting effects were very impressive. You can see how they overwhelmed the camera. I tried to shoot a video but the sound overloaded my camera as well.

Here is another picture showing some of the lighting effects. Those vertical bars are some sort of LED screen that works together like a big TV screen.

To be honest I do not think Michael Tait is nearly as good of a singer as Peter Furler was. I think that with time they will write songs that better match his vocal style and I am sure things will work out. Peter came on stage for one song and someone whom I will not mention her name, climbed onto her chair and started screaming and dancing. She was hitting me on the shoulder because I had argued with her that Peter was not going to be there.

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