Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gateway W350 over heating and turning off

As you may already know I maintain a few gateway W350's. This one was shutting down every few minutes and running very hot.

Underneath the laptop there is a big cover that comes off with just one screw. Under there there is a cooling fan that comes apart by removing 4 tiny screws. Once the fan is dissembled you might see something like this:

Needless to say cleaning out the heat sink fixed the problem.......


Josh said...

Would you want to purchase one of these? Or parts from one? Mine has a bad DC jack and I can't repair it. Tried to. Didn't work. email me at jbelljosh@gmail.com

Josh said...

Would you want to purchase one of these Gateway Laptops - W350? Mine needs a DC jack repair. It melted the motherboard, not badly, but I couldn't solder it back on. I gave up on it. jbelljosh@gmail.com is my address if you are interested or know someone who is.