Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How to Dominate Web Searches

How to Dominate Web Searches and Render Google Worthless as well as prevent any negative reviews from ever being seen.

Lets say you own a web site like '1 click money machine' or 'SEO key word analizer' and you want to be number one (to number 1000) in all google search results.  First you purchase a thousand or more web sites with any search phrase someone might use to find out more information about you.  For example '1 click money machine review', '1 click money machine scam', '1 click money machine ripoff', '1 click money machine for real', etc.  Then you fill all of these web sites with an article about 'Becky' who made a fortune using your system.  But to make Google happy you run the article through a word re-arranger/scrambler that substitutes alternate words but keeps the key word phrases the same. Then you upload these rearranged articles to your 1000 web sites and each one of the web sites has a link like 'for more information....' that then links back to your real web site. 
There you have it, you have now prevented any negative reviews from ever appearing in the search engines, destroyed any competition, and rendered Google completely worthless.  If you automate this process and sell it for $39 a copy you will be filthy rich.  Only problem is that it has already been done about a million times over.  Somehow, some day Google will fix the problem.  Call it "Panda II".  All the last fix did was to detect that all of the inbound sites were identical.  So to fix that, the web spammers have added programs to re-arrange the articles so they are not identical.

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