Thursday, July 21, 2011

New York State is in for trouble

Well I have kept my mouth shut for a while, but I am outraged about this New York 'gay marriage' thing.  Remember what happened in Florida?  In New Orleans?  In California?  Is that kind of disaster headed for NY?

If my dreams amount to anything, I have seen back to back 'natural' disasters.  I have seen New York City and Rochester in ruins.  I have seen the beginnings of the 'Second Civil War'.  Out of the ashes will come a new government not controlled by special interests, not taking money from the poor and giving it to the rich, a government that is actually 'of the people' not 'of the elite'!

BTW I have a history of accurate dreams, three times i dreamed of a jet crashing into a building, in 1998 I wrote down that "I saw a plane rocking as if the pilot did not know what he was doing then it turned into a building, debris was falling everywhere and people were running form the debris."

While I am at it here is the solution for the debt crisis:

Just dissolve the USA and then divide it up into three smaller countries.  They would be the North, the South and the West.  You could call them the Yankee States (YSA) the Confederate States (CFA) and the Western States (WSA).  Since the USA would no longer exist there would be no need to pay back the debt, that country is not there anymore!  Otherwise at 1% interest, 14 trillion is 140 billion in interest a year.  Do you have that kind of money?  What if that climbs to 2 or 3%?

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