Friday, August 19, 2011

Earthquake Prediction Improved

I have been working on improving my earthquake prediction device and I am adding a MMA7361 Triple Axis Accelerometer - motion detector too.

The recent changes include changing the UGN3503's to be differential inputs to the op amps.  This gives twice the output swing per change in magnetic field.  Using a digital VOM it is now .1 volts for a North to South reversal.  That translates to about 20 on the Arduino serial data stream.

This change reduces the inputs to the Arduino to N-S, E-W and U-D, or three inputs. The other three inputs will come from the MMA7361. I am still working on getting that working.

Here are pictures of the MMA7361 board being tested on a Arduino Shield.  The wiring is very simple to do.

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