Wednesday, September 7, 2011

America's Got Talent TV show Idea

I have an idea for America's Got Talent.  Take several of my devices and fire them all off at once, with some music in the background.  Here is what my setup might look like.

The first thing I am going to make is a double headed Tesla coil. I have two 2 foot by 4 inch coil forms for the secondary. My old "big coil" used a three inch pipe.  Here is a picture showing the new forms compared to the old ones.
I have made a new top load with 4 inch flexible duct glued to an aluminum pie plate.

Then I will make my washer launcher into a double headed model to launch two washers in rapid sequence. I may add LED's to the washers to make them look like UFO's as they fly through the air.  Here is a picture of me making the new flat coil for the launcher.

Next in my vertical can crusher. I have two 15uf at 5KV capacitors to add to it, they will replace the Defibrillator capacitor, they are 4 times the size of the defibrillator capacitor.  Its going to be hard to fit them in the case!

Also new is the idea of adding some soda can launchers. They will use some 3 inch PVC pipes to fit the soda cans.

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