Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My opinion on Occupy Wall Street Demands

I have read some stuff on Occupy Wall Street and I do not see a clear goal, or objective.
So Here are some of my suggestions of what needs to be done to fix this country, besides just simply throwing out the current government and replacing it with one that is "of the people by the people and FOR the people".


Stop wanton wasteful government spending.  According to the pie chart found on the IRS web site last year 40% of government money came from borrowing!  And according to the same chart 40% was spent on "social spending".  Balance the stinking budget!  Stop the government from "social engineering".  CEASE AND DESIST wasting our children's money on totally stupid programs!

Repeal laws that just make the rich richer and the poor poorer.  Most laws coming out of Washington have the exact opposite effect of what they were supposedly written for.  They must be repealed and cancelled! For example repeal the HMO law that created HMO's and caused medical insurance to go through the roof!
Here is a s site listing laws that need to be fixed:


Nuke the IRS and start over.  Some sort of flat tax would be ideal.  Eliminate tax breaks for mortgages, and other such nonsense.  Eliminate non-tax taxes like SS and medicare unless they actually go to where they are supposed to go.. LOL.

After saying that I realize these things will never happen so we should just gather around and watch the USA go down the tubes as a hopeless case.

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