Monday, March 12, 2012

How to get more gas milage or better MPG

When I purchased my van it only got about 16 miles per gallon. So I set out to improve on that. First replace the spark plugs. Use platinum as a minimum, there is also split-fire and ring-of-fire plugs that will help give better MPG's.

Second add some magnets to the fuel line. Here are two sets of hard drive magnets on the fuel line of my 2001 Ford Windstar.

Next add a spacer to your oxygen sensor. The problem is that the car is running so well that the computer thinks it needs to pollute some more. Adding the Oxygen spacer tells the computer that the exhaust is more polluted so it will stop dumping so much fuel.
So far I am getting about 25 Miles Per Gallon, I will keep working on it with a goal of getting up to 30 MPG.....

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Anonymous said...

how has this been going over time? It would be great to have a real time digital MPG gauge to check it out. I guess magnets are cheap enough but that is a bit new age-y.