Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Experiment with water and a balloon

I have been working on writing a book called "Why Believe in Creation?".  It comes from my notes from teaching on creation about 10 years ago at an EGC home group.  I was looking for some more science experiments to prove the existence of the canopy theory and some one wrote me and told me to use a balloon!  I was shocked at how well the experiment went.  Here is a picture of what happens.

Basically you turn on the water at a sink so it runs slowly but continuous.  Then you take a balloon and rub it in your hair until it is very charged with electricity.  Then you hold the balloon near the running water and get ready to be surprised at what happens!  It is more fun than pouring water on a magnet and seeing that the magnet is still dry (water moves away from magnetic fields).

The concept that I am trying to prove is that the earth was once perfect on its axis and the earths magnetic field was once many time stronger that it is today.  As a result water flowed "uphill" and went up to form a canopy of thick ice that protected the earth.  This canopy then turned the earth into a greenhouse, a tropical paradise from pole to pole.  The earth was mostly land back then so it was truly a green planet.

Then there was a meteor that destroyed the canopy and knocked the earth off its axis and weakened its magnetic field.  When the underground water came rushing up it pushed back the land and made the mountains burying the tropical paradise.  These buried trees turned into coal over a few thousand years.  So now we have buried coal as evidence that there was once this tropical paradise.

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Brad said...

I read your post about your book sounds interesting. Most of what you said is very practical except for the part about mountains that conflicts with plate tectonics. I believe that you could possibly relate the electromagnetic fields to plate tectonics and the water to the start of water. I am currently writing a theory that states that "empty space" is actually a cross solid-liquid dark matter that the universes "float" within. This support the multiverse, big bang and crunch theory. What causes "gravity" is a less dense void which creates a planet and a gravitational effect. If you want I can go into the physics behind in and how that relates to Olbers' paradox and intermolecular forces. So any ways I'm just trying to say, I love people that challenge the current theories. Nothing would change if it wasn't for people like you.