Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How to list all posts in WordPress

I recently had the need to list all posts on a WordPress web site.  After hours of playing around I found a great Plugin called "Get Post List With Thumbnails".  It did a great job of listing everything in the sidebar but the explanation on how to get it to show up in a page is a bit difficult to understand. 

To list everything in a page, create the page, then switch to HTML and put something like this into it - [gplt orient="h" imgo="false" ttgo="true" dtgo="false" dtfrm="1" categ="" postnr="200" linn="4" divwid="300" tbwid="100" tbhig="100" cp="1" cs="1" lwt="2" tte="" sptb="false" tgtb="false" ordm="DESC" ordf="ID" metk="" mett="" pgin="" ptype="post" dexcp="false" gptb="false"] 

That short code above will do 4 across by 50 top to bottom for a total of 200 posts.  It looks like this:
The short code is a bit difficult to figure out.  To get an idea of what the codes mean use the widget in a sidebar and the long version of the short codes will then show up.

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