Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dell Inspiron Ultrabook 14Z Hard drive removal

Recently I had the fun of removing the hard drive from a Dell Inspiron Ultrabook 14Z.  The hard drive is located under the battery.  Where is the battery you may ask??

First you need to remove the memory cover and the memory modules.  Under one of the memory modules is a hidden screw.  With that screw removed you can remove the keyboard by pushing up on the three clips at the top of the keyboard.

Once the memory cover is removed the CD ROM is free to be removed as well.  There is one screw above the CD ROM that has to be removed. 

There are seven screws under plastic covers underneath the laptop and four screws under the keyboard that need to be removed.  Three are near the front edge and one is near the CPU fan as seen in the picture below.

Next release the four ribbon cables.  Then the top cover comes off by releasing catches all around the edges.  Now you can see the battery.  There are two screws holding the battery in.  The hard drive is then reachable.


Unknown said...

Thanks Bob! Good Geeks are hard to find.

unlimiting said...

Hi, the information you have provided was very helpful but you left out how to remove the keyboard.

unlimiting said...

Hi, thanks for your very well put information. But there is a very important information you have left out, is how to remove the keyboard.I did everything except I don't know how to remove the keyboard.Once again, thanks!

molinoman said...

@unlimiting The owners manual also has some info on taking out the keyboard. Good Luck!

molinoman said...

@unlimiting The owners manual also has info on removing the keyboard. Good Luck.