Thursday, June 13, 2013

Help my Arduino Logic Analyzer crashes when I display more than 2 channels

My two channel logic analizer works very well, the video is even on youTube.  Here is a link to it:
This is what it looks like:

However when I try to display more than two channels the display crashes.  I wonder if it is a bug in the display software.  Perhaps there is a problem with the UTFT library displaying that much information?

Here is a picture of the crashed display:
Any suggestions or ideas?  I have already made the memory reducing change in the UTFT library and that did not fix the problem.

SOLUTION?  The Arduino will crash if you open and access more that 5 arrays at a time.  Basically is is a bug in the Arduino code.  My solution was to only use one array for a six channel logic analyzer and now it is working great.  I will post something about it soon.

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