Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Element FLX-2211B 22 inch LCD TV Repair

My daughters LCD TV recently died.  She said that it would have to warm up for a while before it would turn on and then finally it did not turn on at all.  I told her that the power supply needed new caps and proceeded to take it to my shop to fix it.

The first problem was how to get it apart.  There is a hidden screw that you have to remove first.  Remove the lower part of the base to get to it.  Then to the left of where the base attaches there is a screw up in there to remove as seen in this picture.  Then the rest of the base comes off.

The power supply only needed two capacitors, they are marked with red arrows, but you can replace a few more capacitors if you want "just in case."

Here is the back cover of the LCD TV for identification purposes.

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