Thursday, April 23, 2015

Epson Powerlite 62C Repair

I recently purchased another pile of used projectors to repair and then send to Africa.  However three of them need more than just cleaning.  I have determined that the problem is in the optics.  Basically the blue LCD is about 30-50% shot.  There are lots of dark spots in a blue background.
The problem is that the LCD section is one unit otherwise I could swap the LCD's between the three projectors and hopefully get two of them to work.

I like the Epson LCD projectors because they are a lot more rugged that the Dell 2300MP DLP projectors.  However the LCD's have an air filter and if it gets clogged the projector overheats and damages the LCD's.  I explained how to replace the filter in a previous post.

Here is what the outside of them looks like.

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