Thursday, May 14, 2015

8x8x8 Color RGB LED Cube Project

I am finishing up the biggest project for my latest book on LED cubes.  Here are a couple of video's about the 8x8x8 color LED cube.

In this first video it was just 7x7x2 in size:

In this next video it is up to 7x7x4 in size and still growing as more LED's arrive:

It has now grown to 8x8x4 in size.

I will have to use a pad per hole soldered breadboard to proceed any further.  The 7x7x4 setup takes over 200 jumpers to connect everything.  I would buy a printed circuit board but as far as I know no one makes one that meets my standards!  The closest design I have found uses latches and lots of transistors and resistors.  My design uses nothing but 74HC595 shift registers and a ULN2803.

Here are the red, green, blue and white test pictures.

And now the schematic for one layer...
Someone pointed out that the resistor values are not given in the schematic above.  You can use from 47 to 100 ohms, I was using 51 ohm resistors.

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