Thursday, July 2, 2015

Arduino 50 MSPS DSO Oscilloscope with TDA8703

Last night I was testing a TDA8703 analog to digital converter and after trying 36 MHz I tried 50 MHz on a whim and it worked.  I also tried 60 MHz but the TDA8703 flaked off at that speed.

Here is a picture of the test setup.

This is what the LCD screen looks like.

Here is the video of it at 50 MSPS and 25MSPS.

Here is the schematic diagram.


Anonymous said...

if you can provide Arduino code for this project ?

Bob Davis said...

The code is at: look for FIFO in the program title

Unmesh said...

What is the value of capacitor 0.1? uF or pF??

Bob Davis said...

The capacitors are all .1 uF except for one that is 100Pf.