Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Walking "Humanoid" Robot found on eBay part 2

I am back to working on the walking humanoid robot after writing another book.  First I had to make an Arduino Shield to control the servo's.  Here is a video testing the servo shield.

Next is to connect it to the robot and get those servo's working.  I am using an IR remote control to test his movements.  This is a picture of the front view of the setup.

Here is the back view.  The arduino has been mounted in place for this picture.

Here is a video of me testing out the robot servo's.

Here is a second video with most of the servo's working and they are now "zeroed".

In spite of the really bad servo's he is taking his first steps.

Here is a two servo per leg version of the robot.

Here is the code for the two servo per leg robot in video 4.

void StepForward(){  //Moving Left Leg Forward
  servo1.write(75);  //shift weight to left ankle
  servo3.write(60);  //right ankle kicks weight over
  servo3.write(70);  //free ankle lifts
  servo2.write(110); //left hip
  servo4.write(120); //right hip
  servo1.write(90);  //level leftt ankle
  servo3.write(90);  //level right ankle
  servo1.write(115);  //Shift weight to right ankle
  servo1.write(110);  //free ankle lifts
  servo2.write(70);  //left hip
  servo4.write(60);  //right hip
  servo1.write(90);  //left ankle - back to home positions
  servo2.write(90);  //left hip
  servo3.write(90);  //right ankle
  servo4.write(90);  //right hip

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