Friday, November 20, 2015

Arduino Powered Hexapod/Spider 18 DOF Robot

My next project is a six legged robot.  I look at these projects that are all using an Arduino Uno and servos like they are a modern day version of the "erector set" that I played with as a kid.  This is a more economical way to build these various projects instead of buying several expensive kits.  Basically I am using the same parts to make all of the following projects:
5,9,13,17 DOF Humanoid robots
14 DOF Dog robot
17 DOF Dinosaur robot
18 DOF Spider robot

I have looked at several hexapod designs and so far I have been able to reproduce the body using standard parts.  The other designs use two custom plates spaced about two inches apart.  My design uses:
4 - Angled "U" brackets
2 - Straight "U" brackets
2 - Waist brackets
4 - Straight brackets
2 - "L" Shaped brackets.

Here is a top view of my design for the hexapod body.

This next picture is a side view of the hexapod body: 

So now to collect at least 18 servos to make it work.

I decided to make my own lower legs.  I used a picture from a kit on ebay and blew it up to the actual size.  Then I cut it out and used it as a model.  These legs were cut out with a hand held jig saw.  They did not look that good in clear plastic so I painted them black.

This is after two coats of paint.

This is what they look like on the assembled spider.  They are still a little rough.

 Here is how I assembled the servo mounting brackets.  Then I added the servos and then mounted them on the robot.

 The Arduino mounted real nicely using some of the existing holes in the bracket.

Here is the completed spider as far as the mechanical assembly.


duminnen said...

Hi, congratulations for your projects and your posts are very interesting.
Im also a robotics fan an i have just built an arduino mega based hexapod with 18DOF mg966 servos.

Im using an 8 a ubec and a 2s 2000mah lipo for the power but i have a little problem.
The cables that go out from the ubec to the arduino mega shield got sooooo hot they melt at certain point and cause a short-circuit and burn servos and other stuff....

So my question is, do i just have to put woder cables there to avoid this overheatting or my electrical design has to be reviewed???

Thank you,

Unknown said...

where did you get the brackets to make this?

Bob Davis said...

I bought an 18 DOF Humanoid and added a few more brackets from off eBay. The ends of the legs are homemade out of plastic.