Monday, April 18, 2016

Comparing Sony Cameras DSC-h2, H10, H50 and DSLR Alpha A330

I have preferred Sony cameras for years.  I once saw a Sony camera that produced a picture that was much better than what I could see with my eyes and that sold me.  I have owned several Sony cameras over the years and now I have a Sony A330 DSLR camera.

In these pictures the A330 is on the left, followed by the DSC-H50 then the DSC-H2.

The DSC-H2 runs off ordinary AA Cells.  It makes a great backup camera.

The DSC-H10 is a little plastic toy.  The flash quit after a couple of months.

The DSC-H50 is a GREAT camera.  I use it for most of my videos and stills.  It does not do wide (16:9) aspect ratio video.

The Alpha A330 is a nice DSLR.  However it does not do movies.  The standard lens does not do zoom. It is my first professional camera with a interchangeable lens.

I have recently added another camera.  It is a Sony Alpha A3000.  The A330 does not do video, the A3000 does.  I thought I could use my old lenses, and you can with an expensive adapter.  However for a little more than the price of the adapter I also bought a standard lens for the A3000.

These pictures have the Alpha A3000 on the left and the DSC-H50 on the right.

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