Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Using the DIY CNC to try to cut a logo into plastic part2

I thought I would make another sign, this time it will be used in selling my books at various events that I attend.  I wrote my own CNC program to cut out the letters and the space allotted for the "I" was too wide.  Also while the CNC was cutting the plastic, the holder for the bottom of the Dremel fell out of the machine.  This allowed for play in the Y axis as can be seen in the top of the letter "I".

The wood base was cut with the CNC in "manual" mode.  Basically there are 8 holes spaced one inch apart.  The LED's are wired up in groups of two going one direction then two going in the other direction. This reduces the wiring to a minimum.  A 220 ohm resistor goes to a 9 volt battery for power.

Here is the video of the CNC machine running.

I have used F-engrave with a few changes to the settings to engrave "Arduino Books" into another piece of Plexiglas.

This is what the sign looked like when done with the room lights turned off.

Here it is with the lights on.

My books are available on eBay and amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Robert-J.-Davis

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