Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Have you ever broken a socket while changing a spark plug?

The other day I broke a socket while changing a spark plug!  At first I panicked. How do I get the broken piece(s) out from way down in there?  First I checked the remaining part to see if it was magnetic, it was.  Then none of my magnets would fit down in the opening.  So I used a magnet and ran it across the end of a flat blade screwdriver.  That did not work.  Then I took a stack of magnets and ran that across the end of the screwdriver.  That gave the screwdriver just enough power to just so lift the part up to where I could get a hold of it.  Whew!

After breathing a sigh of relief I then changed all of the other spark plugs with a different socket.
It looks like the socket was made with powdered metal.  Somehow there must have been a weak spot that gave way.

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