Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Audio Spectrum Analyzer with Arduino UNO+MSGEQ7+WS2812 LED Strips Part 2

I have improved the Audio Spectrum Analyzer.  By increasing the number of MSGEQ7's and offsetting them I now have 21 frequencies per channel.  In order to display all of them the sign had to be turned sideways.

This first version supports 8 LED strips:

This second version supports two sets of 8 LED strips for a total of 16 strips.

I can even do an oscilloscope on the WS2812 LED sign.

This is the schematic of the foreign made MSGEQ7 shield that I used.  Then I made my own shield that is offset to add the additional frequencies.

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Paul said...

excellent work.....I bet the code took a while to figure out