Monday, November 5, 2018

Shure Wireless Microphone Repair

I recently had to replace the power switch in a Shure wireless microphone.  If your microphone will not turn on, try replacing the switch.  It might be bad and still "click" when you press the button!  When I tested the last one with a volt meter it was about 500 ohms when pressed.

You need to remove the two screws that hold the battery holder in place and remove the battery holder.  Then remove the three piece power switch panel as well.

Then you need to remove the "C" clip that holds the guts inside the shell.  Small needle nose pliers can sometimes get the clip out.

Then all the guts should come out of the microphone.  There is an additional part or two to remove and the piece that fits around the on off switch was missing.

Here is a picture of the new on off switch.  I soldered it using the head mounted magnification lenses.

This picture shows all of the guts.

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