Thursday, June 27, 2019

Panasonic AG HVX200 Video Camera Repair when buttons do not work

I purchased a Panasonic HVX200 video camera really cheap on eBay.  It was missing many screws the buttons did not work and the power was always on.  There were some stripped screws where someone had tried to take it apart.  The cure is to reset the ribbon cables.  First of all there is a great tutorial on how to dissemble it at:

Next what you need to do is re-seat the ribbon cables on the top board.  Then sure enough it powers on and off and the buttons work just fine!  The ribbon cables to re-seat are white with a blue stripe in the picture below.
This picture shows the crud on one of the ribbon connectors. (Zoom in to see it better)

Here are my pictures of dissembling the camera.

 The final results - lots of parts!

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Anonymous said...

appreciate the info!
would you mind sharing the size screws needed? I'm missing a few on the bottom of the camera.