Friday, July 24, 2020

BH1417 FM Transmitter Kit

I recently built a BH1417 FM Transmitter Kit found on eBay.  Here is the eBay advertisement:
There is another web site with instructions at:
This is a list of the components.  This List does not include the semiconductors, and the coils L1 is a RFC, L2 and L3 are small coils of enameled wire.  There are also two jumper wires that you cna make out of the clipped off resistor leads.

I started by soldering the surface mount components that are mounted to the bottom of the board.  The IC soldered very easily using a fine soldering tip.  The traces are far enough apart that they do not tend to bridge with solder.

Next I soldered the small disc capacitors on the top side of the board.  Soldering the resistors would have likely been better thing to do first.
 This shows the board almost complete.  Some of the electrolyte capacitors were 50 volt models and hence they were to big but I made them fit anyway.

 This is what the switch settings are:

This shows where the components go on the board.

 This shows where the surface mount components go on the bottom of the board.

Here is a schematic diagram that I found:

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Unknown said...

Hi bob I've built 2 of these kits and both work ..but I have spotted one difference of your board and others I have seen on the the vericap diode is your one fitted in the right direction? Did you kit work information on this kit is very bad ...thanks for you information..paul