Thursday, May 25, 2023

E4SW6518RKU 65 inch TV Repair LED Backlights

I recently fixed a E4SW6518RKU 65 inch TV by replacing the LED Backlights.  The TV is so huge that there was almost not enough room where I was working on it.  So I stacked everything behind it as I took them out so they would go back in in the same order.  The screen was attached to the black plastic pieces so I tokk them out together, but that makes it very difficult to put it back together.  Perhaps a knife would have seperated the screen from the black plastic parts.

The old LED strips are glued in.  You have to rock them side to side to get them out.  Even then they will be bent and the lens will pop off them..

One of the screen ribbon cables came apart so I used a clip to reattach it, but this does not seem reliable enough. Anyone have a better solution??

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