Monday, June 5, 2023

Dynex DX-37L150A11 Replace Fluorescent Backlight tubes with LED strips

I hate to see newer TV's go in the garbage.  Recently I was at our local firehall as they filled bin after bin with defective TV's as part of our towns cleanup.  Many, if not most TV's were just having issues with the backlighting.  I even brought a 55" model home to repair.  Anyway, I had a 37" TV that had the older fluorescent tubes for backlighting.  I watched as one, then two, then three of the tubes went out.  Then the TV quit, no backlight.  So I thought I would fix it with LED strips just for the fun of it.

At first I tried RGBW LED's because I had them on hand.  They did not work well at all.  Amoung other issues some of them came loose and fell against the screen becoming very visable.

Then I used some 12 volt LED strips.  I added glue to make sure they stayed in place as well as stuffing the LED strip ends under the plastic edges at both ends.  Total cost $18 for the LED strips.

Putting the TV back together...

This is the old fluorescent tube driver circuit board and the 10 tubes that were removed from the TV set in the upgrade process.

This is the almost final result.  Unfortunatly one of the LED strips developed issues.  I think one of the wires shorted to the metal chassis and maybe burnt out some LED's.  The strips were 12 volt strips and the power to the removed tube driver was 24 volts, so I have arranged the strings in sets of two strips in series. Now to take the TV apart for a third time and replace the defective LED strip!

Update: I replaced the bad LED strip and now it works perfectly!

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