Tuesday, June 24, 2008

California is on fire

Well I hate to say that I told you so, but check out the news from California. As people woke up today they discovered that there are over 800 fires started by lightning and fueled by temperatures that are over 100 degrees. The Word of God says that if you do detestable things then the land will "vomit you out". That may happen by Hurricanes, floods, diseases, fires, earthquakes or any of a dozen other methods, but rest assured it will happen! God will not be mocked, and His Word will not return void.

As people 'come out of the closet' and start bragging on the terrible things that they are doing, judgment will come upon this land like never before. I guess now is not a good time to be buying a home, unless you want to make sure it is insured against everything, including 'acts of God'. At the same time there are people rising up who are calling for revival and for this country to turn back to God.

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