Sunday, June 1, 2008

Forget global warming, declare war on mercury!

First of all the people complaining about global warming believe there were as many as a dozen ice ages. What happened between those ice ages? Lets stop wasting our money on nonsense and fight a real critical problem. One in 160 children have autism and autism has been linked to mercury in 2 unrelated studies just in the last week or two.

One study on monkeys showed that monkeys that were vaccinated with the same vaccinations that our children get develop autism and other neurological diseases. There was a control group that did not get vaccinations and that did not develop the diseases. This study clearly proves the link between the vaccinations and autism.

Another study came from the state of Texas. They studied the rate of autism and the location of sources of mercury. For every 10 miles further from a source of mercury your chances of autism goes down by 1 percent. The number one source of mercury is coal burning power plants.

We need to ban the use of mercury in lights, and yes I know that a law requiring those lights has just been signed into effect by the global warming people! They are using a made up problem to create a much greater problem. Old lights were inefficient in that they give off heat. Well if you live in the northern 1/2 of the USA extra heat is not a problem! Imagine how much colder it would be if it were not for global warming?

We need to require mercury scrubbers on all power plants that burn coal. This stuff cannot just be released into the air. Have you ever seen the smoke coming from some of those power plants?
We need to ban the use of mercury in all vaccinations. Currently it is banned in vaccinations that are used only in children. That law needs to be greatly expanded.

Laws limiting the use of mercury fillings need to be expanded to make it possible to get those fillings removed. I have about 2 left and most dentists will not remove them until they are clearly leaking.

We need immediate research into removing mercury from our bodies. Two possibilities for removing mercury are chlorella and detox foot pads. What methods work the best? Can the autism be reversed?

Like the ban on Lead leading to the removal of lead from our gas and our paints, Mercury needs to be banned. Places to turn in mercury filled thermometers and thermostats need to be set up so they can be safely collected.


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