Thursday, August 28, 2008

New DVD duplication equipment

This year to speed up the production of the Video Bible School DVD's I bought a high speed duplicator. I have built these and used them for years, now I own one of my own. It makes 5 copies of a DVD or CD in just a few minutes.

My brother took this picture for his newsletter of me with the duplicator and the printer in the background. I do not like the picture. For some reason I look fat in the picture, how could that have happened? It must be an optical illusion or something. ;-)


Jacquie said...

I don't think you look fat in this picture! But after the ordeal you are going through in Africa "IF" you had a few extra pounds on you when the picture was taken, perhaps God was preparing you?
I mean if you were skinny and got food poisoning it would be much harder to recoup and you would weak.
You look great!

Bob Davis said...

Thanks Jacquie. I think people should look 'healthy'. Some people have told me that I look a lot better than I did during the divorce, I was not eating and too skinny. -Bob