Monday, August 4, 2008

Another Strange Dream

God keeps giving me these dreams. I know they have something to do with revival and something to do with Gods Judgement. We are seeing both happening in the world around us. Did you know that in 1909 at the Azusa street revival someone prophesied that there would be an even greater revival in 100 years?

Strange dream July 22, 2008
There was a huge dam in this dream. It had what looked like 3 sections to it. Many thousands of people had built their houses along both sides of and even actually on the dam. There were several hotels built on the 3 faces of the dam. When asked why did you build there, they would say that the dam was 100 years old and "Would never fail".

However from above I could see the muddy water lashing at the dam with great ferocity. I know the dam was going to fail at any second. I had to visit the people there to try to warn them.

It reminds me of the sermon "Sinners in the hand of an angry God." As I pondered the dream I felt God say "Will you go now, will you preach the Gospel?".

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