Tuesday, April 14, 2009

VE170 LCD monitor repair of inverter

If you would like to donate your old LCD monitor and see how it was fixed here on my blog, please contact me. The same goes for P3 or newer laptops. I love to recycle these and donate them to pastors and missionaries.

Two of the LCD monitors that I purchased really cheaply on EBay had bad inverters. I had never successfully fixed a bad inverter before, even after trying to fix them a lot. But this time I was in luck, every one of the bad inverters had a little silver 22 uF capacitor that was bad. Replace that capacitor and the inverter works! You can optionally replace the power supply filter cap, it was bad but did not appear to affect the monitor. Below is a picture of the inverters with the capacitors replaced. You can use a 10 uF at 25 volts to replace the bad capacitor.

Next I needed some 12 volt 4 or 5 amp power supplies for these monitors. They sell for around $25 on EBay. That is unless you look for universal LCD monitor AC adapters. They sell for $10, and the text says they support the VE170 screens!


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